Raging Cyclist

The perfect midnight screening

By Shannon Barry

Spartan Daily

What film isn't complete without a happy-go-lucky and obnoxious rider donning spandex (Ephraim Joseph), a sword-wielding black-cloaked demon (William Gharapetian) and a Bruce Campbell-esque fighting scene?

These are some of the elements local 24-year old filmmaker Sean McCarthy applied in creating "Raging Cyclist."

This short film, emerging from San Jose's Almaden Valley, will be sure to knock audiences flat, not just by thematic elements alone but also by wildly vivid images of people in pig masks, sharply edited cuts and a score tying all ends of the film together in a perfectly packaged bow.

McCarthy said his "imagination went loose" creating a production emerged from numerous movies that he is interested in as well as applying his personal attitude to the art of film.

"I never said that I wanted to be a director," he said. "I just started making films."

He added that the concept came about five years ago and took a lot of time analyzing every angle of whether elements such as visuals, music, plot and images fit the underlying theme.

The film involves many thematic elements involving self-destruction to self-realization, Sam Raimi's "Army of Darkness" action-comedy along with philosophical overtones about the world.

Highly entertaining and technical, McCarthy said the film was shot on super 16-mm and cost $9,000, which is an uncommon in the world of filmmaking.

"I applied the mentality of a low-budget film and stylized it," he said. "Whenever I show it to industry professionals they think we had a large crew, but it was really just a movie made out of passion."

In a 32-minute short like that of McCarthy's, there is not much time for development, but audiences will be surprised.

The plot is original and uniquely thematic, the cast is memorable and the imagery is unforgettable with bleak whites and yellows as well as saturated blues and greens.