Raging Cyclist

By Richard von Busack

Metro Cinequest

A quite funny short about an epic struggle between a foolish bicyclist and a demon of the Almaden Valley bike paths. Ephraim Joseph is seriously amusing as the dippy victim of a hooded, sword-wielding demon (William Gharapetian). Left half-dead by the roadside, the cyclist becomes impotent and hallucinatory. Masked weirdoes menace him at the parking lot of the Albertson's at Meridian and Redmond. In the backroom of Campus Bicycles, occultists explain the story of a "Devil Hunter" ("Not a hunter of devils, but rather, a devil who hunts"). Everything leads to a showdown between a hero and a demonic soul eater atop Castle Rock in the Santa Cruz Mountains. In a forcefully directed action scene, these figures fight to the death while a turkey buzzard shrieks dubbed-in warning cries from the pitiless heavens above. Talented 23-year-old Almaden Valley filmmaker Sean McCarthy has some 50 short films under his belt, as well as the feature-length movie Last Days in the Suburban Jungle.