Homegrown Cinema

By Bruce Newman

Mercury News

SSean McCarthy a former deli counterman at the local Albertsons, whose short comedy "Raging Cyclist" was edited on computers at San Jose State University and the University of California-Santa Cruz -- using editing equipment that McCarthy, a De Anza College dropout, didn't exactly have permission to use. "Raging Cyclist" Sean McCarthy's inventive 29-minute comedy, follows a doofus on a bicycle who turns into a crazed avenger after he and his bike are stomped by three little girls. (The baddest of these girls is played b McCarthy's little sister, in fishnet stockings.) McCarthy built his own camera rigs and rented a golf cart for tracking shots, racking up $9,000 in debt on his credit cards. The police would often show up during filming and ask to see a permit, which McCarthy didn't have. "So we were always moving around." he says. "My camera has been taken as evidence a lot of times." He pretended to be a film student at two local colleges for a year and a half while he was editing the picture. "If you walk around with a lot of confidence, no one really questions it," he says. "I didn't even know how to use the editing software, so Id get the technicians to come in and help me." McCarthy says he slept in the editing suits at the schools almost every weekend for a year.